Our Mission

Sardar Foundation prevents and alleviates poverty and human suffering by providing clean & safe drinking water, shelter, primary education, training & health care to the poor & needy in Kashmir.

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How We Work?

Our dedicated team of volunteers are working everyday to make life better of Kashmiris. They work with the locals, identify and assess their concerns and raise voice for them. Prioritize the projects and then our team joins together to carry out the projects. We get together to improve their lives.

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The charity has a network of donors across world who are committed to give funds on a project by project basis.

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We Serve Humanity

Sardar Foundation is a unique charity, its main goals are to provide the vital necessities of life for the poor and unfortunate. We know that: Fresh water, Basic health care, education and housing are the basic rights for every human being.

We Serve Humanity

Much of the poor world is deprived of these basic needs. As a charity our current focus is the poor and rural areas of Pakistan. The charity is currently looking at a school and basic health clinic in Azad Kashmir. Which will give small children the ability to go school and receive basic health care.

Our Story

Story Behind Sardar Foundation

Haji Sardar Shafquat Khan was born in Sudhnoti, Kahsmir and moved to London with his family; in young age. Even though his parents made countless trips and holidays to be close to their family home, relatives and friends but children and family ties in London, always took them back to U.K. Haji Sardar Shafquat brought his father to Kashmir, as his last wish to be close to his community, stay in his family home and to be buried in his soil.

On his visit to Kashmir, it was a revelation for Haji Sardar Shafquat Khan, how much charity work his father has done for his community. Late Haji Sardar Khadim Hussain Khan was ever ready to help his people and resolve their problems with the best solution possible. He was highly reputable figure among the locals.

After Haji Sardar Khadim Hussain’s death, Haji Sardar Shafquat Khan decided to take his father’s legacy forward and do something big to improve the quality of life of his people.
Since 2016, he has made numerous trips to Kashmir. Sat down with the locals, created a team of volunteers whose job is not only to raise awareness among people but also to resolve the raised issues.

Sardar Foundation’s field work analysis shows the main concerns raised by the locals. They are deprived of clean drinking water, shelter, health care and education. People has raised their voices against the local Govt and they want a solution for their ongoing problems. Sardar Foundation aims to prevent poverty, eradicate the misery of the locals, build a hospital, provide them clean and safe drinking water, build school and help the society.

Late Haji Sardar Khadim Hussain Khan

Haji Sardar Shafquat Khan

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