Hospital & Drinking Water Appeal made by people in Azad Kashmir

To resolve any problem, eradicate human suffering and to improve the quality of life. It’s very important to listen to the needs and concerns of the locals. It’s not surprising that local govts have never looked into the problems of the people of Kashmir. It’s devastating how people have been suffering in everyday life and they are socially excluded from the society.

Nobody has ever given thoughts and raised this issue nationally and internationally to get together and do something for the benefit of the socially excluded people. We must understand it’s a life which has been abused by poverty. People are struggling to drink clean and safe drinking water, struggling for food let alone health care and education, which seems like luxury to them.

Sardar Foundations trustees and locals volunteers has come around and listened to the basic needs of the locals and discussed the alarming concerns of the people of Kashmir. Must watch this video to hear out the locals.


In this difficult time, Sardar Foundation has become a beam of light and it aims to prevent and alleviates poverty and human suffering by providing clean & safe drinking water, shelter, primary education, training & health care to the poor & needy in Kashmir. ​if we do not look after our people and provide them with the basic necessities. It’s murdering a humanity. It’s about time that we get together and help the people in need.